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2022 marks the V centenary of his death, an event that is accompanied by activities, editions

commemorative events and events that seek to value the "universal vocation and permanence of our

language". An agenda that is the result of consensus among three ministries, two universities, four city councils,

the Royal Spanish Academy, the Cervantes Institute and the Antonio de Nebrija Foundation to coordinate the

anniversary through the Interadministrative Commission of the V Centenary of Antonio de Nebrija.

Antonio de Nebrija: Antonio de Nebrija was born in Lebrija (Seville) in 1441 and died in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) on July 2 from 1522. He was the first Hispanic humanist. He is famous for his Castilian Grammar (1492), the first grammar in a modern European language, he was the main introducer of the Italian Renaissance in the  Iberian Peninsula, from 1470.  As a humanist and polymath, a tireless worker and gifted man, his fields of activity did not  were limited to the philology of the Castilian language and the classical languages ​​(Latin, Greek and Hebrew) but covered wide cultural areas: he was a linguist, grammarian, lexicographer, translator, biblical exegete,

teacher, professor, writer, poet, historian, royal chronicler, pedagogue, printer and publisher.

His texts deal with areas as diverse as law, medicine, astronomy, history or science. children education.

Nebrija coincides with the arrival of Gutenberg's printing press (Aguilafuente, Segovia, 1472) and he himself becomes a printer and publisher, collaborating with the first peninsular university press, that of Salamanca,

where his first book will come from, Latin Introductions (1481), a true best-seller in half of Europe.

On the reverse of the coin appears an image of the statue of Antonio de Nebrija located in the Sevillian municipality of Lebrija. Above the image, in a circular direction and in capital letters, the legend V CENTENARIO DE ANTONIO DE NEBRIJA, and on the back an allegory of the alphabet of the Castilian language. To the right of the image, the face value 10 EURO, and below the Mint mark.

Face value: 10
Weight: 27 f

Metal: Silver .925mm
Dimensions: 40
Quality: PROOF
Mintage: 7.000 unidades

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