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10 euros FRANCE 2022 - The Sower - 20 years of the Euro

In 2022, Monnaie de Paris reveals the second part of its hommage to the 20th anniversary of euro, by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the euro currency

Like a chronological frieze, on the right-hand side of the obverse is the French franc symbol accompanied by an olive branch. This natural and numismatic symbol has appeared on the 1 franc coins since the monetary reform of the Fifth Republic. On the right-hand side, the Euro symbol encircles Joaquin Jiménez's "Tree of Life“, designed in 1997.

The reverse is identical to the 2021 Sower collection, paying a first tribute to the European currecy. On the left is the original sower design by the engraver Oscar Roty, sowing 20 stars in the furrows of the French flag. The face in the foreground is a representation of the original face of the woman who inspired the engraver in 1896, Rosalinda Pesce.

Face value 10€

Diameter 56mm

SILVER metal 999‰

Weight 22.2g

Quality PROOF

Draw 3000

Vintage 2022

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