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Product Code: OR-OOFO

10 euros france 2021 20 years of the starter kit

Production: 3000 units
Weight: 22 grams
Metal: Silver
Year: 2021
Country France

In 2021, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the StarterKit and the introduction of the first euros, Monnaie de Paris has decided topay tribute to the sower from a new angle.

Reverse side of this 10€ coin represents two different sowers:

- The first one, in the background, is the original sower fromthe french engraver Oscar Roty, the one found on the 1 Franc coins since 1898.
- The second, the one in the foreground, is the original faceof the woman who inspired the engraver, Rosalinda Pesce. This is the first timeshe appears on a coin.

We also find on this face 20 stars in the backgroundrepresenting the 20 years of the Starter Kit. The sun is represented on thiscoin as a reminder of the francs, the currency preceding the euro.
The French flag appears in heraldic form at the furrows.

The rectangular shape of this coin is a direct tribute tothe shape of the starter kit. The 40 coins contained in the original starterkit, launched in 2021, can be found on the face. The "€" symbol isalso taken from the original visual of the pouch.

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