Product Code: OR-OOCO

Information: numismatica visual

Mintage: 100000 units
Face value: 30 euros
Weight: 18 grams
Diameter: 33 mm
Metal: Silver .925 mm

Reverse: occupying the central part of the coin, a detail is reproduced in colors on the Las Meninas, by Diego Rodríguez de Silva and Velázquez, which is preserved in the National Museum of Prado in Madrid. A circle appears on the right, which contains a QR code inside it, with currency information; Below, the mark of Ceca. On the upper part of the coin, in a horizontal and in uppercase form, the value of the piece EURO 30. To the left of the coin, in an ascending and uppercase circular direction, the legend MUSEO DEL PRADO 200 AÑOS. Surround the motifs and legends a pearl graffle.

Obverse: the superposed effigies of Their Majesties are reproduced by the Kingdoms Don Felipe and Doña Letizia. In the upper part of the coin, in a circular direction and in capital letters, the legend FELIPE VI AND LETIZIA. In the lower part of the coin, in a circular direction and in uppercase, separated by a figure formed by a flower of lis, the legend ESPAÑA and the year of minting 2019. It surrounds the motifs and legends a graffito of pearls.

The subject to which it is dedicated, "Bicentenary of the Prado Museum", together with the representation of one of Velázquez's most famous paintings, "La Meninas", has made many people go and plan to acquire a copy, well for himself , or to give away.

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