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The main graph of the front of the coin "25 years of the national currency of the Kyrgyz Republic" is the image of the first banknote with a nominal value of 1 tyiyn and a note of the highest nominal value of 5,000 soms. At the top of the coin there is an inscription with the name of the currency "Kyrgyz Republic Ulyshuk 25 years of currency". The denomination of the coin and the sign som, which consists of the capital letter of the official monetary unit of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the underlining, which means the stability of the national currency, are indicated in the lower part of the coin. On the back, in the center of the coin is the emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic, and along the circumference there is a nominal row of circulation coins: 1, 10, 50 tyiyn and 1, 3, 5, 10 som. In the lower part of the coin is the year of issue (2018). Each copper and nickel coin is placed in an acrylic capsule and placed in a blister.

Nominal value: 5 soms;
Weight: 15.5 g;
Diameter: 33 mm;
Material: Copper-Nickel;
Edge type: corrugated;
Circulation of coins: 5.000 pcs.

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