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Face value: 0.25 balboa
Diameter: 24.26 millimeters
Weight: 5.67 grams
Alloy: 75% copper and 25% nickel
Mintage: 4 million

The coin put into circulation on May 15 celebrates the Bicentennial of the Birth of Justo Arosemena, politician, jurist and diplomat considered the most illustrious of Panamanians and father of the nation. It has a facial of 1/4 balboa, the four million coins put into circulation have been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The obverse of the coin shows in the center a portrait of Justo Arosemena where his clothes appear colored. His image appears surrounded by the legend "JUSTO AROSEMENA BICENTENARIO DE SU NATALICIO 1817-2017" and its facial value "UN CUARTO DE BALBOA".

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