200$ CANADA 2017 - Maple leaf cut out
Product Code: OR-ADEO
Beautiful coin with a face value of 200 dollars made in Canada in 2017.

Famous for its bright seasonal color, the fiery red maple leaf is simply radiant, as it sunbathes in the golden light of autumn. The Royal Canadian Mint proudly presents its first color coin, with 99.99% pure gold, in the form of a maple leaf as an exquisite tribute to the most iconic national symbol of Canada, which has been associated with this land for more of three centuries.

There is a strong sense of realism in this precisely manufactured coin, which is carefully designed to resemble a sugar maple leaf (Acer saccharum). As in nature, the borderless edge of the coin recreates the curved breasts between the pointed lobes that make this Canadian emblem instantly recognizable. Its fall colors come to life through the skillful use of GRADIENCE technology, a translucent color application that allows real gradation. Moving from the tips of the leaves towards its center, the intense red fades smoothly and gradually passes into the natural glow of the gold coin surface. The complexity of the engraving is evident on the obverse, where the deep veins of the leaf only add to the intricate beauty of this eternal tribute to the national symbol of Canada. The reverse shows the nominal value recorded "200 DOLLARS" and the year "2017". The obverse presents the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by Susanna Blunt.

Country: Canada
Year: 2017
Nominal value: $ 200
Metal: Gold
Fineness (purity): 999/1000
Weight: 31.25 gr.
Diameter: 39.6 × 38 mm.
Quality: Proof
Roll: 600 pieces.
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