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Second currency and second preciousness that is presented to us by the Bank of Kazakhstan of its series dedicated to «Animals of nomadic worship in Totem». This second piece dedicated to the "Owl" has a very attractive design and with the possibility of obtaining it, from the last day 2 of this month of October, in different facial values, metals and prices, adapting to the economic possibilities of each collector. The eagle owl in many cultures is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and messenger of secrets and omens. Nomads revered the owl as a sacred bird, being considered a bird capable of protecting people from evil spirits. Its representation in totem symbolizes wisdom.

Reverse of the coin shows a stylized image of an owl divided into two parts, its natural side and its magical side, within a magic circle where other beings and creatures appear.

Obverse that is also common to all currencies, changing only their facial value, shows a stylized composition of the national ornament within the central nucleus. The name of the country, Republic of Kazakhstan, in Russian and English, the face value, the year of issue and the mint mark appear on the outer ring.


Face value: 200 tenge

Metal composition: cupronickel

Diameter: 33 mm

Quality: proof-like

Mintage: 5 000