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The Concorde

Proof quality yeardate 2019

  • Coins designed in collaboration with Romain Hugault, famous comics writer
  • Tribute to the planes that have marked History
  • The Concorde, turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner
The obverse presents the Concorde during take-off with its nose sloped.
In the background we can see the runway on which he had just take off and the various aircraft routes he used to take for the emblematic Paris-New York flight.

The reverse, common to the series, features the profiles of two pilots, symbolising the different eras and types of use: civil and military. In the sky are several aircrafts, also representing the different eras and uses, in a tribute to the history of aviation. 
The face value is inscribed on the bottom left of the reverse side, as is the symbol “RF”.