Product Code: OR-OODO

The Ecu de 6 Livres

Country France
Face value: 10 euros
Year: 2018
Metal: Silver
Weight: 22 grams
Diameter: 37 mm
Production: 2000 units

Obverse  depicts Roty’s Sower in a more contemporary setting.
On the left side of the drawing, we can see a reproduction of the obverse and the reverse of the  1793 Ecu de 6 Livres.
Reverse of this 10€ Silver coin presents the revolutionary era with some of its major symbols : the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the National Guard and the revolutionaries with their phrygian cap or their characteristic hat.

In 2018, the Ecu de 6 Livres is honoured. Famous coin created after the 1789 French Revolution, it is still collected today.
The Sower series presents the most historically significant coins of France’s history.