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Le Baiser

Country France
Face value: 10 euros
Year: 2018
Metal: Silver
Weight: 22 grams
Diameter: 37 mm
Production: 2000 units

Le Baiser de Rodin, a sculpture inspired by the relationship between Paolo and Francesca in Dante's Divine Comedy.

Monnaie de Paris pays homage to the main masterpieces of French museums.

Obverse of the coin, we can see the famous Rodin sculpture "The Baiser" (The Kiss) made in 1882. It is surrounded by a window, giving the impression that we are in the museum of Rodin.
Realism and delicacy are perfectly transcribed with the engraving:
We can see on the left side of the label «Chefs-d'œuvre des musées» that this new series is identified, and on the right side, the title of the work of art.

The opposite is common to the series. It represents several views of many of the main French. An interior view of the Musée d'Orsay, on the upper left, is recognizable by its distinctive clock. In addition, there is a view of the Louvre facade from Napoleon's courtyard, where the pyramid is located. Below these two elements, to update the shows at the Salé Hotel, which houses the Picasso Museum. The lower part of the back offers a view of the facade of the Hôtel Biron, the current Rodin Museum and, above it, the famous staircase of the Pompidou Center. The nominal value and the words "République Française" are also inscribed on the back.