2€ SPAIN 2018 - 50th anniversary Don Felipe VI
Product Code: OR-OOOCbo
2 euros coin of SPAIN 2018 in commemoration of the 50th birthday of King Felipe VI

The coins, which will be minted on behalf of the State, will be delivered to the Bank of Spain to make them available to the public. For this, the collaboration of the credit entities will be available, which may submit their requests to the FNMT.

On the back of the coin, the color shield of King Philip will be reproduced and, on the left, a royal crown will appear, the number 50 and the number 18. Below will appear the value of the piece (30 euros) and in the part lower, in a circular and uppercase, the legend '50 anniversary of SM The king'. As on the obverse, the motifs and legends on the back of this coin will be surrounded by a pearl pattern.

On the obverse of this collection coin will appear the effigy of King Felipe VI, with the legend 'Felipe VI King of Spain' in capital letters and the year of coinage (2018). The motifs and legends will be surrounded by a graffiti of pearls.

The 30 euro coin, minted in 925 thousandths silver and copper, will have a diameter of 33 millimeters and a weight of 18 grams, and will be issued during the first quarter of 2018. In this case, the maximum number of pieces to be minted It will be one million, although this figure may be increased or reduced depending on the demand.

Likewise, on the obverse of the coin will be reproduced the coat of arms of the king, while the reverse will be the common used in all coins of 2 euros. This is the second coin that has been made to mark the 50th anniversary of King Felipe VI, as the FNMT has already announced another piece of 30 euros minted in sterling silver that, from January 30, will be available to the public for a amount equal to your facial.

The coin to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the king, minted in copper, nickel and brass, will have a diameter of 25.75 millimeters and a weight of 8.5 grams, and a circulation of 400,000 pieces will be issued.

  • Country: SPAIN
  • Facial value: 2 euros
  • Year: 2018
  • Weight: 8.5g
  • Diameter: 25.75mm
  • Quality: S/C
  • Motive: 50th anniversary Don Felipe VI