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1.50€ SPAIN 2022 - History of the trains (SERIE II)

1.50€ SPAIN 2021 - History of the trains (SERIE II)The first installment includes the book.The coins consist of a face of € 1.50 and have been issued in early April 2022AdlerHamburgés VoladorThe RocketTransiberianoMallard Nº4468SerieHistoria del ferrocarrilAño Emisión2022ColorSí  Diámetro (mm)33  Valor Facial (Euro)1.5MetalCuproníquel  Peso (g)15  Tirada (unds.)7.000  ..


1.5€ AUSTRIA 2022 - Philharmonic

Country: AustriaWeight: 1 OunceDiameter: 37 mmMint: Perth Mint    Fineness: .999Thickness: 3.2 mmYear: 2022Edge: Reeded ..


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10€ FRANCE 2022 - Asterix and the Griffin

After the first collection launch, which celebrated the upcoming new album « Asterix and the Griffon » in 2021, once again, Monnaie de Paris keeps on  paying tribute to the most famous Gaul in 2022 for the second part of the collection.The observe of this coin represents the cover of the new album Asterix and the Griffin. Our two heroes, created over 60 years ago by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, are in the middle of a snowy landscape. Asterix is on the lookout on his horse, while Obelix is trying to catch Dogmatix, perched on the top of a tree with a mysterious shape.  But what is this creature? And where are our heroes? The comic’s emblematic trio is on the reverse of the coin. Here, Asterix and Obelix each lift one of the numbers of the value numeral of the coin, showcasing the characters’ overflowing energy. Idefix, the loyal companion of our favourite characters, assists the two best friends. The mention « RF » is also on the reverse.The CollectionAfter the launch of the first collection celebrating the release of the new album Asterix and the Griffin in 2021, the Monnaie de Paris continues to honour one of the emblematic figures of the French comic strip at the heart of this new innovative monetary collection.Translating comic book characters is an interesting but perilous exercise. The transition from comic strip to volume must faithfully transcribe the clear line of Uderzo’s and Conrad‘s work. These medals are the faithful representation of a graphic line proper to the french artist, it is a tribute in three dimensions paid by the craftsmen of Monnaie de Paris to the universe of Asterix.Face value 10€Diameter 56mmSILVER metal 999‰Weight 22.2gQuality PROOFDraw 3000Vintage 2022..


10€ FRANCE 2022 - Moliere

In 2021, Monnaie de Paris is inaugurating a new series based on literary styles and authors who have marked the history of literature in France and abroadIn 2022, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth, Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière, the greatest actor and playwright of French theatre.On the observe of this coin, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière, is shown in profile, The most famous French playwright is depicted in a theatre setting: his hair merges with the stage curtain and theatre boards are visible. Two of his most iconic characters from his plays are also present: the Bourgeois Gentilhomme and the Avare, whose "precious" is an allegory of the Comédie Française Theatre, also represented in the background. Also known as the House of Molière', Comédie Française is the theatre where he performed his last play: Le Malade Imaginaire.His name and dates are shown on the outline of the coin with a sun, symbolising the protection afforded to him by Louis XIV.Face value 10€Diameter 56mmSILVER metal 999‰Weight 22.2gQuality PROOFDraw 3000Vintage 2022..


10€ FRANCE 2022 - Smile

10 euros FRANCE 2022 - SmileIn 2022, Smiley celebrates five decades of smiles and optimism.The iconic yellow and round figure was born on January 1, 1972 in France. El periodista Franklin Loufrani used this communicative smile in the newspaper France-Soir to highlight stories that lifted the morale of the French. This operation, called “Take the time to smile”, was an immediate success.In 1996, the logo was relaunched and declined in other forms (3D version) and new expressions were added. From the smiley to the emoticon, the smile comes in all its forms today. It is exported and becomes an embajador of good humor!On the front, find the emblematic smiley: round, yellow, with two points as eyes and an arc of a circle to represent a smiling face. Here, the smiley is part of the “50 years of smile” mention, which celebrates the anniversary of a symbol of happiness, positivity and optimism.On the reverse, the mención "République Française" and the face value are present, framed by two interlocking hexagons.Face value 10€Diameter 31mmSILVER metal 333‰Weight 17gQuality Current qualityDraw 15000Vintage 2022..


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10€ FRANCE 2022 - The Sower - 20 years of the Euro

10 euros FRANCE 2022 - The Sower - 20 years of the EuroIn 2022, Monnaie de Paris reveals the second part of its hommage to the 20th anniversary of euro, by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the euro currencyLike a chronological frieze, on the right-hand side of the obverse is the French franc symbol accompanied by an olive branch. This natural and numismatic symbol has appeared on the 1 franc coins since the monetary reform of the Fifth Republic. On the right-hand side, the Euro symbol encircles Joaquin Jiménez's "Tree of Life“, designed in 1997.The reverse is identical to the 2021 Sower collection, paying a first tribute to the European currecy. On the left is the original sower design by the engraver Oscar Roty, sowing 20 stars in the furrows of the French flag. The face in the foreground is a representation of the original face of the woman who inspired the engraver in 1896, Rosalinda Pesce.Face value 10€Diameter 56mmSILVER metal 999‰Weight 22.2gQuality PROOFDraw 3000Vintage 2022..


10€ SPAIN 2022 - Clara Campoamor

€10 SPAIN 2022 - Clara CampoamorCharacteristics of the currencyOn the reverse of the coin appears an image of Clara Campoamor at a political rally held on April 5, 1931 at the “Urumea” fronton in San Sebastián (Kutxateka/Photo Carte Fund/Ricardo Martín); to the left of it the symbol of women and, in capital letters, the legends "equality, freedom and progress".At the bottom, the face value "10 EURO" and the Mint mark appear. Surrounding these motifs and legends, the legends "8-M INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY and Clara Campoamor" appear.The obverse reproduces the portrait to the left of His Majesty, King Felipe VI. At the top, in a circular direction and in capital letters, appears the legend FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA. In the lower part, between two points, the year of minting 2022. Surrounding the motifs and legends is a ridge of pearls. The recommended sale price is €65.55 VAT included.Story of Clara CampoamorClara Campoamor Rodríguez was born in Madrid in 1888 and died in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1972. She was a Spanish writer, politician and lawyer who fought for women's rights.Campoamor soon had to contribute to her family finances. At just ten years old, after the death of her father, she had to leave school and work. She began to take an interest in politics and in 1931 she was elected deputy. Clara Campoamor worked so that there was no gender discrimination. Thanks to her firm conviction and defense of women's suffrage in Spain, women have been able to vote freely since 1933.Face value: 10€Weight: 27 fMetal: Silver .925mmDimensions: 40 mmQuality: PROOFMintage: 7.000 unidades..


2.50€ MALTA 2022 - The Queen's Platinum Jubile

2.50€ MALTA 2022 - The Queen's Platinum JubileHace setenta años, el 6 de febrero de 2022, la reina Isabel II ascendió al trono del Reino Unido y la Commonwealth of Nations. Para celebrar el aniversario de platino, Royal Dutch Mint acuñará una tarjeta oficial conmemorativa de 2,5 euros en monedas, en colaboración con el Banco Central de Malta.Valor facial 2,50€Metal: Cu/Ni metálicosCalidad: Brillante Sin circularPeso: 15,5gDiámetro: 33mmBorde: suaveAcuñación: 15.000..


25€ AUSTRIA 2022 - Extraterrestrial life

25€ AUSTRIA 2022 - Extraterrestrial lifeIs there anybody out there or is all life in the universe limited to our tiny ‘third rock from the sun’? And if we manage to establish contact with extraterrestrials, will it be love at first sight or a match made in hell? These and other eternal questions are explored on Extraterrestrial Life, the 2022 edition of our ever-popular Silver Niobium coin.What if there really is somebody out there? Making contact with aliens would change our whole concept of the universe. Is this really plausible or are such thoughts purely fantasy? Given that we only know a tiny part of the universe, which comprises some 100 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars, it is hardly surprising that we continue to ask these questions. The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest, most powerful and complex space telescope ever built and launched into space, is designed to help us find out the answers. The telescope’s improved wavelength coverage and greater sensitivity compared with those of its predecessor, the Hubble, will enable the Webb to look much closer to the beginning of time, when the first stars and galaxies started to form, and fundamentally alter our understanding of the universe. Launched into space on 25 December 2021, since 24 January 2022 the Webb has been successfully unfolded to its operational configuration and successfully entered orbit at its target destination.The wait for the Webb to detect signs of extraterrestrial life will no doubt be a long one. But in the meantime, one day visitors from another galaxy may drop in to say hello. If they do, will they look down on us or consider us their equals. Whatever the answer, they will have to be from a civilization even more technologically advanced than the James Webb Space Telescope itself.Coin MotifThe Webb is shown in the silver outer ring on the coin’s obverse alongside the famous Drake equation, which is aimed at calculating the probability of extraterrestrial life. The violet niobium core is dominated by an alien holding the earth in its hands like a plaything, symbolising that we may well be defenceless against them should they exist.In the niobium core of the coin’s reverse, some of the factors that could favour life on other planets are represented: carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, vegetation and water. In the outer silver ring, the Webb is shown capturing an exoplanet passing in front of a star. Facial value: 25 eurosYear: 2021Quality: Special not in shapeDiameter: 34.00 mmMetal: Silver alloy of niobium || Silver Ag 900 Ring / Niobium CoreFine Weight: 9.00 gTotal weight: 16.50 g..


2€ ESTONIA 2022 - Literature

Country: ESTONIA Facial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive: Literature..


2€ FINLAND 2022 - Ballet

Country: FINLANDFacial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive:  Ballet..


2€ FRANCE 2022 - Circulant

Country: FRANCEFacial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive: Circulant..


2€ FRANCE 2022 - Jacques Chirac

Country: FRANCEFacial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive: Jacques Chirac ..


2€ GERMANY 2022 - Thuringia

Country: GERMANYFacial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive: Thuringia..


2€ GERMANY 2022 - Thuringia

Country: GERMANYFacial value: 2 eurosYear: 2022Weight: 8.5gDiameter: 25.75mmQuality: S/CMotive: ThuringiaMint: Random..